Hotstar No Longer Supported on Samsung TV: What You Need to Know

“Reasons Behind Hotstar’s Incompatibility with Samsung TV”

Hotstar, the popular streaming platform, has recently announced that its app will no longer be supported on Samsung TV. This has left many users wondering why this has happened. The main reason behind this incompatibility is the outdated operating system of Samsung TV. Hotstar requires a newer version of the operating system to function properly, which is not available on older Samsung TV models.

“Alternatives to Hotstar on Samsung TV”

If you are a Samsung TV user and are disappointed with the news of Hotstar’s incompatibility, there are still several alternatives available to you. One of the most popular options is to use a streaming device such as Amazon Fire Stick or Roku. These devices are compatible with Hotstar and can be easily connected to your Samsung TV. Another option is to use the web browser on your Samsung TV to access Hotstar’s website directly.

“Upgrading Your Samsung TV Operating System”

If you are determined to continue using Hotstar on your Samsung TV, you may want to consider upgrading your TV’s operating system. This can be done by contacting Samsung customer support and requesting an update. However, it is important to note that not all Samsung TV models are eligible for an operating system upgrade.

“Future of Hotstar on Samsung TV”

While Hotstar is currently not supported on Samsung TV, there is a possibility that this may change in the future. Hotstar is constantly updating its app to make it compatible with newer operating systems, and Samsung may also release updates to its older TV models. In the meantime, users can explore alternative options or consider upgrading their TV’s operating system.