How to Continue Watching Local Channels After Locast Shutdown

Understanding the Impact of Locast Shutdown

The recent shutdown of Locast has left many viewers wondering how they can continue to access their local channels. Locast was a popular streaming service that provided free access to local broadcast channels in select markets across the United States. However, the service was recently shut down due to legal issues. This article will explore the impact of Locast’s shutdown and provide solutions for viewers who still want to watch their local channels.

Exploring Alternative Streaming Services

Fortunately, there are several alternative streaming services that offer access to local channels. One popular option is Hulu + Live TV, which provides access to over 75 channels, including local broadcast networks. Another option is YouTube TV, which offers over 85 channels, including local broadcast networks. Both services require a monthly subscription fee, but they offer a wide range of channels and features that make them a great alternative to Locast.

Using an Antenna to Access Local Channels

Another option for viewers who want to continue watching local channels is to use an antenna. An antenna can provide access to local broadcast networks for free, without the need for a subscription or streaming service. Many modern antennas are designed to be easy to install and use, and they can provide high-quality HD broadcasts. Viewers can also use a DVR to record their favorite shows and watch them later.


In conclusion, the shutdown of Locast has left many viewers searching for alternative ways to access their local channels. Fortunately, there are several options available, including streaming services like Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV, as well as using an antenna. By exploring these options, viewers can continue to enjoy their favorite local channels without interruption.