These Are the 10 most popular social-money cryptocurrencies

Social tokens have become a new trend within the crypto market. They are cryptocurrency that can be used by individuals, creators and influencers to monetize themselves.

These tokens remove the middlemen so creators can keep all their money as well their artistic control. Let’s now take a look the top 10 cryptocurrencies for social cash.

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10 Biggest Social Money Cryptocurrencies

We used the market cap of social money tokens (as at Sept. 8, 2022) in order to rank the 10 most important social-money cryptocurrencies. We have used’s market capitalization data for most tokens.


This token is intended for internet forums. BBSCoin will help you monetize your virtual credits from internet forums. BBS has seen a significant increase of over 20% since its inception and an almost 38% rise in the last 30 Days.

BBS is currently trading at $0.0000005736. That gives it a total market capitalization of more that $0.05 million. It has a historic high of $0.00004102 in June 2019, as well as a low of $0.0000001899 for June 2022.


It uses the Yup Protocol, a semi-autonomous and decentralized social consensus protocol to reward opinions. YUP has declined by almost 99% to date, and nearly 26% in the 30 days since last month.

YUP currently trades at $0.01127. That gives it a market value of more $0.072 million. It reached an all time high of $5.90 on November 22,2021.

Zoracles (ZORA)

It’s a DeFi Oracle platform. It aims for a liquidity exchange ecosystem to provide users access to capital, tools, data, and other resources. ZORA is down 58% so far in 2018, but is up 81% the last 30 jours.

ZORA currently trades at $82.69 and has a market capitalization exceeding $0.41 million. It has reached an all-time record of $3,767.38 on November 22,2021.

Props Token (PROPS)

It empowers app developers to make digital communities more successful and helps them build stronger relationships with users. PROPS has decreased by over 87% since its inception and by more than 25% within the last 30 day.

PROPS was trading at $0.0009643 on the day of writing. This makes it more than $0.49million in market capitalization. It has a high of $0.1926 in May 2021 and a low point of $0.0006098 on July 2022.

HollyGold (HGOLD).

It is a blockchain-based Hollywood movie studio that intends to get token holders indirect involvement in producing movies. HGOLD’s stock price has fallen more than 37% since last year and by almost 24% within the last 30 day.

HGOLD was trading at $0.1739 on this writing. This gives it a total market capitalization of over $0.77 million. It has a high of $14.65, January 2021, and a low of $0.1179, May 2021.


OOKS aims create an interoperable open finance system and monetary protocol. It eventually wants disruption of traditional financial structures. OOKS is down over 58% and down over 13% since the beginning of the year.

OOKS currently trades at $0.2376. It has a market capization of more that $2.60million. It has a historical high of $1.83 in December 2021 and a low record of $0.06872 for October 2021.


Hackatao artists and their digital network use it for social capital. MORK is down almost 90% in the year to date and has dropped more than 23% within the last 30 Days.

MORK was trading at $0.3646 at the time this article was written. This gives it a market value of more than 3 million. It is at an all-time record $30.26 (November 20,2021).

Friends With Benefits Pro

It is a DAO and cryptocurrency-governed platform for artists and creators. FWB aims using Web3 tools, to build an ecosystem for creators to express creativity in different forms. FWB is down more than 83% year-to date and down nearly 7% during the last thirty days.

FWB was trading at $10.27 on this writing. That gives it a market value of more than $6 Million. It has a record-breaking $628.02 (November 20,21) and a record-breaking $4.23(June 2021).


It is a cryptocurrency supported by NFT, tangible assets and other social currencies. WHALE aims as an asset-backed cryptocurrency that is backed by NFT and tangible assets. Instead of gold, it will be able to collect digital art and digital collectibles. WHALE’s value has declined by 92% to date and nearly 37% in the past 30 calendar days.

WHALE currently trades at $1.13. This gives it a total market capitalization of more that $10 million. It has an all time high of $61.77 (1921), and a low point of $1.07 (2022).

Rally (RLY).

It is an Ethereum token that powers Rally’s 2020 launch. This network uses crypto token rewards and content sharing to help build communities around a message or brand. RLY is down more than 91% in the year to date, and almost 27% in just 30 days.

RLY is currently trading at $0.03138. That gives it a market value of more than 100 million. It currently trades at $0.03138, with an all time high of $1.40 in April 2021. The lowest price was $0.02908 in June 2022.