Instructions for how to incorporate and create engaging emails marketing videos

Use of videos in email marketing is the next stage in creative inbox delivery. Video allows subscribers to engage with each other and creates curiosity that leads to increased engagement and retention., the customer relationship management (CRM platform), surveyed its audience to learn more about email marketing videos.

They discovered that attaching a YouTube video in an email can increase click-throughs by 200-300%. Simply using the word “video” in your subject line will increase open rates by 19%. Overall CTR is up by 65%. [1]

Perhaps even more amazing is the fact marketers reported email videos reduced the number unsubscribes to 26%. Furthermore, over half (54%) of their subscribers preferred emails that contained videos. [2]

Video is easy to use and a powerful way to standout in inboxes. Loom offers high-tech editing software that is simple to use and embeds YouTube videos.

Here’s how-to instructions on how to make engaging email marketing videos, and how you can incorporate them into your next campaign.

How to Include Videos in Email Marketing

Saying that you need video content is not the same as seamlessly deploying it. Here’s how it can be done!

Use a screenshot or still image as a overlay to a play button.

Take a screenshot and save it as it plays. Once it’s done, upload it into Canva.

Add or paste an image to your email. Link to where your video is stored. This format clearly indicates that the content you are referring to is a movie and redirects the viewer directly to your video.

Make Your Own Gif

GIFs don’t stop giving. They are so much easier than you realize. Imgflip and EZ Gif allow you to create your own GIF thumbnails right from your videos.

You can select exactly the frames you want, make it great and then download your GIF. Drag and drop the brief marketing video into your email to get the link to the complete version.

For more click-throughs, go one step further and add a “play” button to your GIF.

Use A GIF, Still Image Hybrid and Animated Play Button Overlay

This is an additional step but still highly efficient.

You can also upload the same still or screen shot from your video to Canva. Choose the project size. I prefer the YouTube thumbnail option because it is the most flexible for video content marketing.

You can choose “more” by clicking the menu button to the right of your project. Giphy is also connected to Canva. Try searching for “play” to see what results you get. Consider adding “sticker”, to your search engine for uncluttered animated GIFs.

Now download your video and upload to EZ Gif/Imglfip. Once your GIF has been created, copy its address. Finally, copy the URL of your GIF and insert it in your email client.

It’s easy to link this image with the full video. Then, you can get on to the race!

It’s easy to use email service providers

Easy video uploading is possible with customer email management platforms. Most platforms have the ability to insert a link for your hosted video from YouTube. Wistia. Vimeo. Or Facebook. Then, you can install it directly in your email with the play button.

We recommend these email platforms:

Active Campaign




If you are using Gmail’s desktop version, a copy of the video link is included at the bottom as an attachment. When clicked, it will start in their inbox instead than redirecting.

Now that the how is clear, let’s move on to the what.

Engaging Newsletter Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you record a simple recording or create a polished production. Every piece has its place. Start by developing a strategic content plan, with a set sequence or campaign goals. After that, you can create videos that correspond to each stage of the customer’s email journey.

Record an authentic introductory video and some background on yourself or your company to cold or potential contacts. If you are talking with hot leads, it is time to get serious and make your pitch.

For a more personalized experience, create it

You can send specific video marketing content to segmented lists that are relevant to what your customers want to learn or see. Videos are a better way to personalize and engage your customers.

Make Exciting Announcements

What is the latest news? Or even little news? It’s exciting! Tell your story and get your audience interested. You can take them along on your journey.

Announcement Ideas:

New product

New service

We are looking for new members to join our team

Upcoming events

Exciting collaborations


It doesn’t need to be a massive change to make it memorable and create some buzz in your inbox.

Use Displays of Company Culture to Humanize Your Brand

Does your team work well together Are your employees or contractors happy sharing how much their love of working with your brand or you?

It’s time to capture it on video and mail it off. Your audience will feel connected to you if they can see faces and hear their stories.

Connect Directly to New Leads

Congratulations! Congratulations! Not just send a text-based email. Instead, make a video introduction to start a real conversation.

Don’t sell to soon. This is about creating connections and inspiring a feeling of belonging. Ask them questions about themselves, what motivates them, and what their goals are. Get to know your partner.

Delight and educate

Your audience is on you list for reasons. They believe they will get something from your digital partnership. Show them!

Develop educational and value-driven content which is tangibly beneficial. Consider these suggestions:

Technical tutorials

How-To videos

Framework details

Strategic plans

FAQ compilations

Recipes, theoretical or edible

Industry-relevant guides

These videos should be designed to suit client needs, obstacles, and preferences. Then, show your indispensableness by solving the problems before they ask.

Tell A Story

Stories are powerful. Stories of brand success, stories about clients and stories from you and your founders all contribute to a deeper understanding.

Inspire them by showing them how to overcome past obstacles and make repeatable achievements. Demonstrate your desire to have them remain in your circle.

Product Discounts’s marketing research found that 90% users are influenced by videos and help them make buying decisions. This research, which indicated increased CTRs as well as higher open rates, is another powerful combination.

You’re selling a product. Make video to showcase the features and benefits of your product.

Case studies and Share wins

Video can be a powerful tool to demonstrate social proof. For example, if your client has closed a big deal ask them to record a little bit and share it.

It is a great way to address concerns and hurdles for potential leads by having clients or customers share their own experiences. They want to find out the truth and value of your brand.

Sell Your Next Best Offer

Don’t neglect your existing customer list! People will come back to you if they feel you have fulfilled their expectations and helped them.

When used correctly, your mailbox can become an ATM. You have a better chance of converting another customer because of the increased engagement video provides and the CTRs you get.

However, it is impossible to sell everything. You must continue to nurture subscribers before you can make the next big announcement. They must hear from them just as often if they haven’t already bought from you.

Keep their attention and keep them occupied in their inbox.

GIFs Are Videos Too

They say that a picture is worth a thousand sentences. I’m not sure what the exact ratio is, but I’d be willing bet that a GIF has a much higher value.

GIFs may not have as much impact than a full video, but they will enhance your brand’s image. GIFs provide “a moment” of quick movement and expression.

These engaging and interactive elements are easily remembered and can be reused. If you create a GIF that’s appealing, it can be shared, which will help you brand.

Get creative! Make your clients smile by dancing, adding dynamic text and animating a cartoon character. Have fun! GIFs can be used to create an experience.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves a peek behind closed doors! Then take the viewers along on a journey through “a typical day” for you, your staff, and your business.

Don’t get too excited about it. These are for size comparison:

Your design team hard at the work

A brand photoshoot

The manufacturing process

Team meetings

Conferences, events

Let the good, as well as the bad, shine. You shouldn’t be ashamed of the coffee spillage or the technical problems during Zoom meetings. The more genuine and raw you can get, the better.

Email Video Best practices

It’s all the details! These best practices are essential for achieving the best results.

Announce Video Content Right Away

To encourage clicks, put “video” at the end of your email subject. If your subject line is not sufficient, you can also use the preview feature when available.

Do not go cheap

A professional production is more effective if you’re launching something new or have an incredible story to share. It’s worth hiring professionals to help create a professional and memorable experience.

Optimize For Mobile

We can all agree that consumers and professionals both spend a lot on our smartphones. Check your emails before you send to make sure they are mobile-friendly. Make any necessary adjustments in order to enhance the mobile experience.

A clear and simple call to action

What happens when they click the button? You can inspire them with a catchy CTA. This will encourage them to take immediate action. Use text overlay or text directly in the email.

You can place video in the last 2/3rds of your email content

Don’t give the keys of the castle away too quickly. Talk it over a little first, then drop the video slightly further down.

Use sound sparingly

An intruder can be seen in the act of hopping in someone’s inbox. It’s not a good idea to make the situation worse with loud noises.

Encourage sharing

If you create content your subscribers enjoy, they’ll share it freely without asking. Sometimes a hint of caution is a good idea. For video sharing encourage others to use text overlays or stickers.